Client References

Since I hired Scott, he has tirelessly pursued excellence in Business Development for Coral CEA. An active listener, Scott is an excellent customer advocate and business coach. Through his outstanding networking skills and contact base, Scott identified, engaged and closed on the majority of successful companies in Coral CEA, leading to one of the highest returns on portfolio in the market.

Brian Forbes
Executive Director at Coral CEA

Scott is one of the most connected, thoughtful and energetic guys I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He is very forthcoming with introduction to people he thinks can help your business. He is a natural connector. Scott has a unique ability to boil down complex business value into bite-sized, easily digestible pieces that make connections incredibly palatable.

Peter Lalonde
GM Enterprise at

Scott has a unique ability to quickly understand any business and find key value drivers. Scott’s knowledge and network were instrumental in helping us build and exit our start-up.

Nigel Da Costa
Partnerships & Field Marketing Lead, Airbnb

Scott is a linchpin within Toronto’s Startup Community. His value comes from being able to connect founders and resources to drive early stage traction. I continue to value Scott’s relationship not only as a Business Development expert (specifically B2B sales process) but also as a passionate and caring friend who puts others before himself.

Corey Eastman
Growth & Innovation

Scott Howard is the best “connector” I think I have ever met. He listens intently on your business status and needs and really helps out in concrete ways. If it wasn’t for Scott, we wouldn’t have completed our capital raise, would never have met our biggest strategic partner, and wouldn’t have met 2 of our first dozen sales. On top of that, Coral CEA provided funding to us in a critical time when no one would invest because we were in such an early stage. I can’t say enough good things about Scott and the organization that he leads. He just “gets it” and “gets things done.

Nicole Verkindt
Founder of the OMX