The Revenue Development Engine

Discover your path to Predictable Revenue growth through Revenue Management.

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The Objective of Revenue Management is create Predictable, Scalable, and Sustainable Revenue period over period.


It Starts With Revenue Management

A core principle of Revenue Management is a collaborative, agile, and accountable process driven relationship between Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. Measure, analyze and act everyday in a coordinated and integrated fashion across your market facing operations. 



Revenue is a function of Lead Volume, Velocity, and Quality. The greater the volume of quality leads hitting your sales funnel the more predictable revenue generation will become. Increasing the velocity of both lead generation and the sales funnel process will transform your cashflow.


Marketing’s job is to produce a steady high quality flow of leads to sales and capture mind share in the target market(s). Prospects are not looking to learn what you can do for them, they want to know what you can teach them. Your marketing narrative can¬†guide the learning path of your prospects into your domain of expertise.

Customer Success

Customer Success is the root of all value in your venture. Show your work to the market through your customer’s success. Deliver ROI, get the Job done, make the experience as effortless as possible.

Client References

Scott is one of the most connected, thoughtful and energetic guys I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He is very forthcoming with introduction to people he thinks can help your business. He is a natural connector. Scott has a unique ability to boil down complex business value into bite-sized, easily digestible pieces that make connections incredibly palatable.

Peter Lalonde
GM Enterprise at

Scott Howard is the best “connector” I think I have ever met. He listens intently on your business status and needs and really helps out in concrete ways. If it wasn’t for Scott, we wouldn’t have completed our capital raise, would never have met our biggest strategic partner, and wouldn’t have met 2 of our first dozen sales. On top of that, Coral CEA provided funding to us in a critical time when no one would invest because we were in such an early stage. I can’t say enough good things about Scott and the organization that he leads. He just “gets it” and “gets things done.

Nicole Verkindt
Founder of the OMX

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